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Terrazzo Tile Machine

Terrazzo Tile Machine

【Type】: Building Materials Equipment
【Capacity】: t/h
【Shipping ports】:Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin
【Delivery】: 10-15 days

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Introduce of Terrazzo Tile Machine
1.Your global partner in Terrazzo Tile Machine
Henan Jianghan machinery provides all kinds of services from installing an entire terrazzo tile machine, new machinery to support and machinery spare parts. With over 14 years of experience we have developed solutions for all customer demands, from low-speed manual production to fully automatic multi-profile plants.  

2. Automatic flooring tile machine, handling equipment, plants and services
Our Terrazzo Tile Machine are claimed to be the most efficient in the world and the company is the most experienced partner for high-speed production. With a long Swedish engineering tradition we are developing solutions for cement concrete roof tiles equipment, extrusion machines, clay or ceramic tile packaging equipment, machinery and services with high performance all over the world.
Raw materials of Automatic flooring tile machine  in Terrazzo Tile Making Machine
Raw Material : Cement, Gravel , Stone Powder, Chemical Colour, water
Use : Indoor and outdoor flooring ,roadside
terrazzo tile making line
terrazzo tile making machine
(1) by changing the mold, can produce different size terrazzo tile, products quantitative cup can be adjusted by adjusting the thickness and weight.
(2) low production cost, labor intensity is small, low consumption, no pollution.
(3) 4-column structure, human-machine interview and easy operation. PLC computer control system makes automatic operation and manual operation available.
(4)Advanced pneumatic and hydraulic structure to make sure high efficiency and stable performance.
(5) The end products possess higher strength, very nice edges and even surface.
And the equipment form a complete set of equipment is: the terrazzo linear grinding, hoist, mixer, feeder.

terrazzo tile making machine
Technical Parameters of Automatic flooring tile machine.
Specification 3040 Type 4050 Type 5060 Type
Molding Pressure 150T 250T 350T
Molding Speed 4-6pcs/min 3-5pcs/min 3-5pcs/min
Power 9.25KW 9.5KW 11.75KW
Weight 6.2T 6.9T 7.8T
Specification of the Product 300×300mm


  • Kazakhstan customers ordering a

    Kazakhstan customers ordering a

    Equipments : The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tile machine. Using Time: Since June 2013 Processed Material: sand, cement, fly-ash Applications: Construction Place of use: Kazakhstan The evaluation by customer: satisfied

  • Kazakhstan customers ordering t

    Kazakhstan customers ordering t

    Equipments:The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tilemachine. Using Time:Since June 2013 Processed Material:sand,cement,fly-ash Applications:Construction

  • Russian customers ordering tile

    Russian customers ordering tile

    They are satisfied with the quality and technology of the after sales services. The machines are running well. The capacity is beyond their expectations.

  • China Guizhou customers orderin

    China Guizhou customers orderin

    Equipments: The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tile machine. Using Time: Since June 2014 Processed Material: sand, cement, fly-ash Applications: Construction Place of use: Russian The evaluation by customer: They are satisf


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