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Villa tile machine

Villa tile machine

【Type】: Building Materials Equipment
【Capacity】: 350-500 pcs/h
【Shipping ports】:Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin
【Delivery】: 10-15 days
【Application】: building material, chemical industry, environment protect industry etc.

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Our product description of tile forming machine
1.JH 125 is specially designed by using modern technology and controlled by PLC (program mable logic controller)
2.The production process applies wet system which consists of cement, sand and water.
3.The system is able to produce concrete roof-tile with stronger cruising pressure than other system and leak proof.
4.High productivity and low operational cost
5. Profitable, effective and efficient that investment can be shortly recovered
6. Smooth and proper installation by using reliable hydraulic oil system
7.Provided by capacity mixture to unify the weight of each concrete roof tile
8.JH 125 is designed using high technology that will give you simple and easy operation, safety, reliability, and high production capacity
Operation of tile forming machine :
- Iron pallets (moulds) are coated with a thin film of release oil
- The pallets are then individually indexed through the machine by a hydraulic cylinder
- The Concrete mix is loaded into the extrusion head hopper box
- The concrete is forced between the double packing shaft and extrusion die system, to form and compact each newly produced tile onto the surface of a pallet
- The individual tiles (still on their pallets), are removed from the out feed rails of the machine and placed in racks for curing
Remarks of tile forming machine
Our machine can also produce floor tiles by changing the tile molds, so it is very economical and practical.

Characters of tile forming machine

1. The merits of the tile forming machine is fast molding speed, large output, reliable perfomance, PLC automatic control and convenient operation. It's hydropneumatic with the speed as high as 7-8 pieces/min. In addition, the rate of finished products is high, and the quality-price-relative is better. 
2. The cement-tile is made of the mortar concrete by press-filtering molding, which has high density,strong intensity, and nice dimensions, the excellent cement-tile can satisfy the requirements of different construction sites.  
3. The machine has multiple functions. It could be used to produce master tile ridge tile,edge tile,drain-tile,etc by changing molds. Besides it could also be used to product various top-grade colorful ground tile,including terrazzo tile,bathing tile,etc.

JH125 tile forming machine
Overall Dimension
3120*1750*2650 mm
Molding Cycle
6-10 s
Molding Pressure
1250 KN
Weight of Main Engine
5.5 T
Equipped Capacitor
16 kw
Production Capacity
350-500 pcs/h
Tile Size
424*337*10 mm


  • Kazakhstan customers ordering a

    Kazakhstan customers ordering a

    Equipments : The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tile machine. Using Time: Since June 2013 Processed Material: sand, cement, fly-ash Applications: Construction Place of use: Kazakhstan The evaluation by customer: satisfied

  • Kazakhstan customers ordering t

    Kazakhstan customers ordering t

    Equipments:The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tilemachine. Using Time:Since June 2013 Processed Material:sand,cement,fly-ash Applications:Construction

  • Russian customers ordering tile

    Russian customers ordering tile

    They are satisfied with the quality and technology of the after sales services. The machines are running well. The capacity is beyond their expectations.

  • China Guizhou customers orderin

    China Guizhou customers orderin

    Equipments: The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tile machine. Using Time: Since June 2014 Processed Material: sand, cement, fly-ash Applications: Construction Place of use: Russian The evaluation by customer: They are satisf


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