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Roller Briquetting Presses

Roller Briquetting Presses

【Type】: Molding Equipment
【Capacity】: 4-30t/h
【Shipping ports】:Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin
【Delivery】: 10-15 days
【Application】: metallurgy industry, coal industry, chemical industry

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The Roller Briquetting Presses have been used to increase the bulk densities of materials and particle size  to improve their handling. In a roll press briquetter, material is densified by compression between double-pressing main rotating rolls. The roll surfaces have pockets to form briquettes of desired shape and size when the material passes between the rolls. This machine is widely used in metallurgy industry, coal industry, chemical industry etc.
Henan Jianghan industrial have many types of coal briquette press machine, there is always right for you.

Suitable material:
Lime, alumina/aluminium powder, magnesium powder, ore powder, coke, bauxite, pigment, cryolite, chemical fertilizer,  caustic soda or Sodium hydroxide, clay, coke, coal etc without using binder.
Material should be less than 80-200mesh. 
There shouldn’t be any metallic material in the raw material to avoid damaging the surface of rollers.
Sufficient supply of raw material to make perfect and good-looking briquette.

Henan Jianghan industrial's roller briquetting presses are a double-pressing four-roller type machine. This type of briquette presses can apply higher press and then produce higher density briquettes.
As its name implies, these double-pressing apply pressure twice to the briquettes being produced, so they are stronger and have a higher density, the surface is more smooth. This briquetting press machine has a national patent in China.
Model capacity Power(kw) Speed of main shaft Type of pressure Material of roller Form of structure
GCXM-4  4TPH 7.5-15 18r/min Mechanical 65Mn Four roller double press
GCXM-6 6TPH 11-18.5 15r/min Mechanical 65Mn Four roller double press
GCXM-8 8TPH 15-22 15r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic 65Mn 9cr2Mn Four roller double press
GCXM-10 10TPH 18.5-30 13r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic 65Mn 9cr2Mn Four roller double press
GCXM-15 15TPH 30-45 13r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic 65Mn 9cr2Mn Four roller double press
GCXM-20 20TPH 55-75 13r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic 65Mn 9cr2Mn Four roller double press
GCXM-30 30TPH 75-90 10r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic 65Mn 9cr2Mn Four roller double press


  • Russian customers ordering tile

    Russian customers ordering tile

    They are satisfied with the quality and technology of the after sales services. The machines are running well. The capacity is beyond their expectations.

  • Kazakhstan customers ordering t

    Kazakhstan customers ordering t

    Equipments:The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tilemachine. Using Time:Since June 2013 Processed Material:sand,cement,fly-ash Applications:Construction

  • China Guizhou customers orderin

    China Guizhou customers orderin

    Equipments: The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tile machine. Using Time: Since June 2014 Processed Material: sand, cement, fly-ash Applications: Construction Place of use: Russian The evaluation by customer: They are satisf

  • Kazakhstan customers ordering a

    Kazakhstan customers ordering a

    Equipments : The automatic numerical controlled colored-cement-tile machine. Using Time: Since June 2013 Processed Material: sand, cement, fly-ash Applications: Construction Place of use: Kazakhstan The evaluation by customer: satisfied


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